Strategic Services

Feldman and Associates have vast experience in the process of strategy formation. Working across most industry sectors and organisations they bring a wealth of understanding and real world knowledge to any strategic need. This includes strategic audits, business canvasses, crafting strategic thinking processes, or facilitating strategic dialogues. Our approach is to create settings whereby the best strategic thinking is brought to bear on current needs and future priorities that will ensure the sustainability and growth potential of any organisation or its individual parts.

Using retreats, incubator sessions, reality replicas, traditional workshops, or drawing on a vast breadth of consultation approaches, all our clients are assured of achieving the best strategic outcomes when using our services. Our strategic services have been used by many executive teams and governance boards, as well as building strategic focus and input with senior leadership teams across many divisions and departments.

Contact us today to explore how your needs can be met through our client-focused process that not only uncovers possibilities but creates a compelling urgency toward strategic priorities.

Feldman present at 20th Annual Conference: Servant-Leadership: A Celebration

1-2 November

This annual conference was held at The Ambassadors Hotel in Upper Woburn Place London WC1. The title and theme was A Celebration of Servant-Leadership. Our presenters come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. In addition we will be looking at examples of the application of servant-leadership principles in different organisations.