Executive and Leadership Coaching

Feldman and Associates offer a specialist service of Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching with emerging and existing leaders. Our coaching experience crosses the boundaries of all sectors from corporate, not-for-profit, and government. Anyone wishing to improve their executive leadership, operational performance and acumen toward sustainability and growth have come to rely on our ability to deliver solutions resulting in real and lasting business impact.

We are specialists who passionately believe that one-on-one coaching can genuinely transforms individuals and their organisations. Our success has enabled us to trained coaches through tertiary educational programs across Australia. Our blend of deep expertise in coaching coupled with our rich and varied business and executive experience brings specialized leadership content to all coaching relationship. Leaders are supported and challenged to operate at higher levels of impact and influence.

Our coaching enhances the community engagement and public relations, team capacity and communications, presentation capability, reputation and capacity, ability to effectively present within meetings, manage meetings, influence conflict resolution, and career navigation. Our confidential coaching involves face-to-face and virtual coaching with on-line access to resources. We have an extensive range of corporate tools available through our coaching and encourage individuals to draw on these to enhance their influence and impact.

Whatever your leadership or organisation needs, we provide a wide range of Coaching services that can be tailored to meet these:

  • individual one-on-one coaching that enhances leadership presence and impact;
  • developing a program that specifically enhances the coaching capacity of all leaders internally;
  • specialist coaching particularly during transition, critical incident, accelerated growth and opportunity.

Feldman and Associates also have extensive mentoring experience through individual mentor programs and the development of corporate mentor programs. We also use mentoring as a key ingredient in many of our professional development programs. We call ourselves mentoring purists, as we derive our mentoring process from a unique combination of historical stories of mentoring with contemporary processes and methodologies. Our mentoring approach has lead us to be feature key note speakers on mentoring in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Mauritius, New Zealand and the United States of America. We have either designed or been key consultants who mentor and coach others to design corporate mentoring programs . Our mentoring experience also extends to designing culturally specific mentoring programs for indigenous communities throughout the world.

Feldman present at 20th Annual Conference: Servant-Leadership: A Celebration

1-2 November

This annual conference was held at The Ambassadors Hotel in Upper Woburn Place London WC1. The title and theme was A Celebration of Servant-Leadership. Our presenters come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. In addition we will be looking at examples of the application of servant-leadership principles in different organisations.