Engagement & Facilitation

Feldman and Associates have been involved in numerous consulting assignments ranging from culture building, restructuring, human resource and development processes and practices, equity and diversity programs, to business assignments specifically around enhancing growth and outcomes of core business and frontline service performance.

We work from a process-partnership focus, with a strong commitment to advancing internal organisational capacity throughout any consulting assignments. Our consulting strength lies in our ability to:

  • undertake broad and extensive research, investigation and desktop analysis of inputs/outputs;
  • crystallize current context and/or sector challenges, issues and needs and their impact on core business;
  • analyse and identify patterns, trends, innovations and reinforcing loops;
  • develop effective strategies and implementation plans; and
  • monitor, assess and evaluate project successes and key indicators,
  • equip individuals, teams and the organisation to create and enlarge impact and business outcomes.

We are skilled at process facilitating whether with large in-house team engagements or broader organisational publics and communities. This approach is designed to aid groups to own the process of dialogue, thinking, and ideation toward effective action together. We also specialise in working with off-site business units, teams or communities, as they explore issues and needs to enable them to effectively and strategically address critical business issues, whilst building community, cooperation, cohesion and discovering their maximised potential.

Whether it is:

  • designing a corporate performance management plan;
  • facilitating a global community of practice conference;
  • consulting on a business improvement project through a quality control and management program;
  • building organisational capability maps, especially leadership, that build and strengthen culture; or
  • managing a grant project to fit a business mapping strategy for identification of unsatisfied demand export markets for Australian businesses,

Feldman and Associates are the consultants to call.

Feldman present at 20th Annual Conference: Servant-Leadership: A Celebration

1-2 November

This annual conference was held at The Ambassadors Hotel in Upper Woburn Place London WC1. The title and theme was A Celebration of Servant-Leadership. Our presenters come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. In addition we will be looking at examples of the application of servant-leadership principles in different organisations.