Community Engagement Project Highlights

Community engagement services delivered across Australia

Monday 24 Oct 2016 08 am

Completed 9 economic development workshops throughout the regional centers across the Northern Territory to enhance the economic conditions and capacity of local communities, and recently complete a community engagement project with a local South West Queensland community focusing on economic possibilities and mental health issues.

Conducting over the past 7 years some 20+ scenario workshops that explore future trends as a stage in the strategic planning projects of both commercial for-profit organisations, ngo’s and not-for profit organisations.

Conducted community engagement processes throughout South East Queensland for Medicare Local (Darling Downs & South West) specifically around the rising trend of complex health needs of clients in remote, regional and isolated communities. This project also uncovered the changing patient transport needs, and how best to ensure these services are provided to meet community needs.

Conducted a community engagement program in Thallon, western Queensland, combining economic development needs and opportunities and mental health needs and challenges in this and other more isolated or remote Queensland communities that has been applied numerous times throughout other regions, and specific communities, in Queensland.