The Feldman & Associates Story

Feldman and Associates is an Australian-based organisational development consultancy specialising in culture, leadership strategy, executive coaching, community engagement and consultation. Through its Directors, Consultants, and research arm, Feldman and Associates works from an ethos of quality and excellence in provision of services, product and delivery. Our ethical foundation is built upon a commitment to identify ‘right fit solutions’ coupled with quality communication and learning enhancements, using our broad-base experience and research base, knowledge and expertise as the foundation for development of all consulting projects whether a strategic review, building a leadership culture, mapping succession strategies, or accelerating leadership and executive capacity.

Feldman and Associates are committed to encouraging growth that enriches the personal and professional lives of individuals who form part of teams, organisations, communities and families.

Our holistic, balanced approach provides individuals with opportunities to grow through learning experiences which encourage, challenge and activate self-directed life-long learning. Using a blend of appropriate mediums, all our learning approaches achieve retention and implementation of effective, measurable and sustainable outcomes. We respect confidentiality, and at all times demonstrate equality, evident in our commitment to the development of all individuals and clients.

Feldman and Associates has a unique blend of practical industry knowledge and experience which is diverse across many industry groups and organisational types; coupled with a strong academic profile of achievement and research, a track-record in publication; a strong commitment to longitudinal evaluation of solutions and strategies; and our large national and international network of authors, leadership and strategy researchers, colleagues and associates.

We are partners of The Robert K Greenleaf Centre for Servant-Leadership, having established the Greenleaf Centre for Servant-Leadership Aust/NZ some 18 years ago. This has afforded us the opportunity to link with an extensive international network of leadership research, authors, writings and development programs. Both Directors have been publication panel members for Gonzaga University Servant-Leadership Journal for a number of years. Feldman and Associates are also proud of being the only Australian organisation to present the internationally acclaimed Greenleaf Servant-Leadership programs.

Our international connections have also brought the acclaimed Team Spirit program and Springboard Womens Development Program to Australia. Feldman and Associates remain the only Australian organisation who offers the dynamic and holistic Team Spirit program.

Diann Feldman has also been a Co-Director of Future Achievement Australia (FAA) ( ), and past Director and now member of Future Achievement Australia Foundation. During her time with FAA she helped to design and establish one of New South Wales premier leadership development programs for young adults aged 16 to 25 ( ).

Introducing Diann Feldman (Di)

Managing Director, Feldman and Associates
Chair, Arrow Leadership Australia
Chair, Scripture Union in Queensland
Board Member, Future Achievement Australia Foundation

Di is a dynamic and experienced organisational development consultant, author and researcher, process facilitator and instructional designer who specializes in leadership, corporate strategy, business process, branding and reputation management, communications, engagement and governance educator. Her work has fostered many guest appearances on Australian talk-back radio, current affair television programs, development satellite links to outback Australia, and international keynote speaking engagements in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, South America and Mauritius.

During her 25 years in organizational development, adult learning, executive coaching, strategy, community engagement and consultation, Diann has facilitated strategic dialogues and planning processes, corporate leadership development and business coaching experiences to a wide range of organisations from private sector; federal, state and local government; educational institutions, not-for-profit sector and community groups.In particular, Diann has fostered many women into key leadership roles and advanced their capacity and contribution through women leader programs throughout the past 20 years across all states and territories in Australia.She retains a high commitment to both being a mentor or coach to senior leaders and executives of many of Australia’s large corporations, not-for-profit organisations and many Church and Para-Church Ministries.

Feldman and Associates are a unique consultancy that also engages in many research projects on behalf of clients including recent research work in the areas of foster care, youth leadership programs, clinical placement for nursing, maternity services to name a few.

As a researcher, designer, community engagement practitioner, process facilitator as well as presenter and evaluator, she brings to any project design methodologies that produce effective outcomes, innovation, and structure, whilst also fostering experiences which are relevant, practical, enhances individual and organizational capability and capacity, and results oriented.Diann is a regular guest speaker for conferences, community and business groups, and professional organisations.

This has fostered many guest appearances on Australian talkback radio, current affair television programs, development satellite links to outback Australia, and international speaking engagements in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia as well as Mauritius.

Diann is supported by completed studies in Theology, Organisational Psychology, Counselling, Adult Learning, Management and Leadership.Her consulting track record provides a rich broad-base of knowledge of industries such as Public Service, Advertising, Music, Education, Architecture, Retail, Hospitality and Finance, as well as extensive experience working with not-for-profit organizations.Her Christian commitment also has provided many opportunities to work with both denominations and local churches as they explore their current needs and future.Her books include Mentoring Future Leaders, Leader as Coach, co-author and designer of 2 life coaching resources;The Significant Woman (now published in over 12 languages and used throughout the world) for Christian women and the pre-evangelistic Soaring for all women, Leading with Leaders.Di has also published a number of research articles on strategy, mentoring, coaching, leadership, servant-leadership and women’s careers.

Additionally Di has written several books on mentoring and personal development.She has also co-lead a unit for credit with an Australian Theological College on life coaching.

Introducing Alison Feldman

Cert IAP2, BA(Communication)(Dist); GradDipEd(Teaching)(Dist); MEd

Director, Feldman and Associates

Alison Feldman is an experienced learning creator, facilitator, consultant and regular speaker at seminars and conferences. She has 22 years experience teaching communication and public relations in Australian universities. She has been recognised for her achievements at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) through both a Faculty and University Award for Excellence in Teaching. She was also one of USQ’s Top 10 Nominees for UniJobs Lecturer of the Year.

Her areas of teaching include: community consultation and engagement, reputation management, issues and crisis communication, public relations writing, strategic organisational communication, and public relations campaign design.

Alison also provides consultancy services for organisations across the public and private sectors throughout Australia. She has also worked internationally in Singapore, London, Amsterdam, Mauritius, and several locations in the United States.

Her areas of consulting include: organisational strategic planning, reputation auditing, communication benchmarking, community consultation and engagement, stakeholder mapping, leadership character and development, team development, and career planning and development (including mentoring and life coaching). Alison has undertaken design, implementation and analysis of several in-house organisational research projects relating to these areas of specialty.

The Consultancy has established an affiliation and partnership with the Greenleaf Centre for Servant Leadership (USA) - a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is fundamentally to improve the care and quality of institutions through leadership which emphasises increased service to others.

As a communication specialist, Alison has played many significant roles in helping organisations use communication mediums effectively, and to understand the impact these have on the “archetype” of the organisation, its people, its culture and its belief system.

She is currently a Board member of the Australian College of Ministries, and a member of the Academic Board of this college. She has previously served as a Queensland Board Member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia.

Feldman present at 20th Annual Conference: Servant-Leadership: A Celebration

1-2 November

This annual conference was held at The Ambassadors Hotel in Upper Woburn Place London WC1. The title and theme was A Celebration of Servant-Leadership. Our presenters come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. In addition we will be looking at examples of the application of servant-leadership principles in different organisations.